Sally Kindberg is a Swedish artist based in London. Kindberg graduated with both a Fine Art BA and MFA from Goldsmiths University of London, completing in 2012. Prolific in her achievements, the artist has exhibited extensively since. Kindberg has a well-established global presence and has noted the following as some of her most significant successes. Recently, the artist produced some of her largest and most ambitious paintings for an exhibition in Seoul: The London Now 2020 at Space K. Furthermore, Kindberg has noted the memorable curatorial experience and rich conversations she had at MOCA London in 2019 working with two other artists. Additioanlly, Nature Morte Contemporary Artists Reinvigorate the Still Life was a travelling group exhibition in which Kindberg participated that visited Norway, Sweden, Poland and the UK. The artist is proud to have contributed in many highly regarded displays worldwide. As a consequence of this wide-reaching exposure, Kindberg’s paintings have been collected in Australia, Belgium, Hong Kong, Ireland, Netherlands, the UK and the US.

Sally Kindberg’s paintings are immediately seductive in their oily sheen, inviting material hypnosis. The artist hopes to inflict, however, a second glance or ‘double take’, an optical return to the picture plane. Upon this secondary response, she anticipates the audience might pay further attention to the everyday or the overlooked. Kindberg’s paintings are acutely rendered, but the figurative exhibits a teasing tendency towards abstraction. This diffusion aligns with Kindberg’s modest feelings for life and art; she paints with depth and simultaneously encourages the awkward and bathetic, “I am glad the world is clumsy.”