Born in Ibaraki, Japan in 1991, Ryoko Kaneta is a Tokyo based artist whose paintings exist as transitional narratives, telling folk tales and ancient Japanese chronicles.
Feminine figures emerge delicately from the canvas, embodying nature season by season. One might fail to define the boundary between the elements and the bodies present in the scene. Yet, by applying sensitive fading techniques, Kaneta seamlessly intertwines all elements of her paintings without concealing a discernable and distinct image.

Ryoko Kaneta graduated from the Yokohama college of Art and Design in 2014 and has since exhibited her work in both solo and group exhibitions in Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand and Australia. Growing up Kaneta consumed images of anime and manga; such influences are apparent in her design aesthetic today. As well as these contemporary stimuli, the artist draws inspiration from late 18th century Japanese paintings. Ryoko Kaneta’s works are rooted in history and Japanese tradition yet take ephemeral form, appearing as phenomena.