Heidi Ukkonen (b. Sweden) is an artist based in Antwerp. In 2015, she graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts with a Masters degree in Painting. Following this, she co-founded gallery Showhouse JayJay and has since exhibited artwork extensively around Antwerp, and more recently in Amsterdam. Earlier this year, Ukkonen participated in-group show DONTGIVEADAMNS with Marian Cramer Projects and will be exhibiting at This Art Fair (Amsterdam) in 2021.

The artist’s creative process contrarily begins towards the end of each day, when Ukkonen claims the best ideas arise. Her paintings are derivatives of the drawings she produces at night, when the “usual becomes unusual”, the ordinary becomes extraordinary and heady dreams generate artistic whimsy. The resultant artworks are paintings of egg-tempera acrylics and airbrushed detail, which are boisterous, soulful and uncanny in their animation.