Born in California, Gemma Holzer is an artist based in London. Primarily, her work is a reflection on childhood, the following emergence into adulthood, and life in the post digital age. The artist uses creative tools including autobiographical illustration, references to popular culture and indications to familiar children’s media.

The artist creates bold, large-scale paintings with brightly coloured acrylics and oils. She uses painterly techniques to attain flat surfaces that mimic digital screens; overly saturated scenes allude to memories of youth. The computerised images, albeit abstracted, are drawn directly from Holzer’s experience of childhood. Further, Holzer’s work addresses interpersonal relationships, loneliness, and reality. The paintings offer a surreal escape, and invite the audience into the make-believe experience constructed by the artist.

The fetus-like creature PinkBoy is the subject of most of the paintings in ‘Alone Together,’ and is reminiscent of familiar cartoon imagery. Holzer is inspired by artists including Charles M. Schultz and Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, and this is reflected by the motifs in her paintings. PinkBoy is a self-portrait; a stand-in for youth. He is placed within the artificial worlds to raise questions and concerns around being human in today’s age.


2021 November West Bund Shanghai
2021 October Art Taipei
2021 July Art Taichung
2021 May Art Basel and Art central Hong Kong


2021 March Art Tainan (solo booth)
2021 January One Art Taipei
2020 Solo show, Alone Together, Four You Gallery
2019 Group Show, Got It For Cheap & Velvet Ropes, House of Vans, London UK
2019 BA Degree Show, City & Guilds of London Art School, London UK
2018 Solo Show, Alien Within, Haren Majesteit, Amersfoort Netherlands
2018 Interim Show, City & Guilds of London Art School, Mother, London UK
2018 Group Show, SEX!: Human Construction & Human Connection, Crypt Gallery, London UK
2017 Group Show, Got It For Cheap, curated by 0-0 LA, Worldwide
2017 Group Show, School of Visual Arts, SVA Flatiron Gallery, NYC USA
2017 Interim Show, City & Guilds of London Art School, Crypt Gallery, London UK 2016/2017 Solo Show: Personal Space, Haren Majesteit, Amersfoort Netherlands
2016 Foundation Show, The Art Academy, London UK


2018 Shortlisted for The David Ballardie Memorial Awards


2019, The Shipyard Anchor, San Francisco USA


2019 City & Guilds of London Art School, BA (hons) Fine Art first class
2017 School of Visual Arts NYC, Summer Residency Photography
2016 The Art Academy London, Foundation degree with merit