Stickymonger Explores a “LONESOME PLANETE” in Dubai Solo Exhibition

February 15 2020 | by
Keith Estiler

South Korean born artist Stickymonger will soon launch one of her most ambitious exhibitions to date at Dubai’s Four You Gallery. Titled “LONESOME PLANET,” the sprawling presentation will debut the artist’s first large-scale sculptures that portray her surrealist female subjects and creatures. In addition, the artist will display a number of dreamlike paintings — made using water-based spray paint — that explore themes of innocence, anxiety, and human relationships.

“The hypnotic gaze of her female subject is soft yet entirely unapologetic, they resolutely subvert the voyeuristic stare of the spectator. They offer insight into the dreamlike realities in which Stickymonger metaphysically resides,” explained the gallery in a statement.

View an exclusive selection of her works to go on display at the forthcoming exhibition above. “LONESOME PLANET” will run through February 19 to March 11 at the address below. Visit Four You Gallery’s website for more details.


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