Sara Lee graduated from Sookmyung Women’s University and obtained a PhD in Fine Arts from Hongik University. Sara’s works are greatly recognized as a symbol of modern society. As such, she received the Dong-A Art Award, the New Frontier Award, and the Best New Artist Award in Asia.

Lee creates artificial and virtual images. The image and colour combinations is an optimized memory of her childhood transferred into today’s digital society. Digital technology has made everything possible in production, economy, and daily life without a direct connection between humans. The deeper this phenomenon becomes, the more our emotions will change. Sara Lee’s work adequately represents those sentiments.

Sara is creating her works with a knife-scratching technique that forms multiple layers of paint and textures into a three-dimensional painting that seems to be so perfect that someone would suppose that it can‘t be made by hand- but it greatly is. Her characters somehow become real in a futuristic way. Sara’s complex, laborious and sometimes painful way of creating her works paradoxically provides happiness and joy to the viewer.

Collections: National Museum of Contemporary Art (Art Bank), Space Mom Art Museum, Moran Art Museum, SeoHo Museum, Seoul Museum, Heart Heart Foundation, Laon Stay Hotel